I had my first client today!


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Jul 16, 2011
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United Kingdom
I had my first proper client today! Granted it was my cousin so not as scary as a stranger but its the first time I've ever gone out to someone's house and the first time I've taken money.

As I'm training I can't charge so told her it was £15 to cover the products used for a luxury mani and gel rockstar toes and she tipped me a fiver! So overall feeling happy although it took 1.45 to do both treatments which is longer than I thought it would take. I did forget a few things like a bag for the rubbish, a stool to sit on for the toes and my brush for applying glitter but hey ho, ill remember next time now!

Just had to share as I feel like I've accomplished something today! X
Hi there!! Congratulations!! And all the little hurdles you get to will make you more prepared for your next client!! Xx
Well done, hopefully the first of many :) xx
Well done!! Such a good feeling isn't it - I haven't long been qualified and it still gives me butterflies when I get an enquiry! x
Thanks ladies :-D I have my first pamper party with an old school friend I haven't seen in over 10 years this Fri! I'm scared but at least I feel a bit more prepared about what I need to take etc. xx
That's good way to start.. with extended family, so your not so nervous. My first client was a friend just for a simple manicure, and I enjoyed it. My first stranger real client was an air hostess, and I shook with nerves so much :eek:
Aaw well done!! It always takes me longer than I plan, think I talk too much!!! May she be the first of many xx

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