I may have goofed up!


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Jul 14, 2007
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Last week i had a lady come who normally has french L&P.. For the first time in the year i have been doing her she had taken her nails off.. the reason she said is because she was sick of french.. I was so happy.. as of late im a bit sick of it too.. So we decided on a natural tip with a natural overlay in OPI clarite.. Looked lovely!!:)

So she rang yesterday and said that she was noticing staining under the tips and wanted me to take a look..
she popped in last night and i took a look, then handed her a scrubbing brush and said use it!

basicaly she had dirt and god knows what under there and wasnt used to a more transparent looking F/E..

I usually say and do things without thinking.. and then after think that maybe i may have sounded ubrupt or rude.. because i am in no way caustic.. I just have a way that you either get or you dont.. and if you know me.. you know that i am far from judgemental or rude.. I just call a spade a spade basicaly!

Anyway i couldnt stop thinking about it while i was trying to get to sleep.. and i think i treated her more like a mate then a client... So i am wondering how i should approach this? Should i ring her today as a follow up? I normally retail my little cute brushes but i gave it to her.. plus a little buffer to keep them shiny.. I really feel bad about it.. I hope i didnt offend her or imply anything about her hygiene, i wasnt thinking as a proffesional.. as it was a pop in while the kids were around.. not an appointment!

I wouldnt give it too much thought..if you bring it up, then she may feel embarrassed again...who walks around with dirt under thier nails anyway?..yuk! Basic hygiene isnt something you should feel responsible for. Its kinda like going back to the dentist a week after a scale and clean and complaining that your teeth are dirty..although you havent bothered cleaning them,lol.
At least she will come back with clean nails..although onycholisis could be a risk if she develops a OCD out of shame:lol:

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