i missed u lot!


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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
hiiya guys!!
i did a quick post last night but i can't find it any where??!!!
it just xplained that my pc problems were over & i can stop having withdrawal problems!!
i missed all of u loads, & even thou i've been excessively busy, i still wanted to keep up to date on what was happening in all of your lives.
all i can say is thank goodness 4 CGMOOH!
without that i would've definately lost the plot!!!
i've just enjoyed reading all your posts on it & it made me laugh all over again!
it just goes to show, that initially like everyone, i warmed to jordans braveness & cringed at kerrys wimpiness.
however, after a few well hidden episodes of craftiness i soon changed my mind on jordan, & marvelled at kerry's determination to overcome her fears.
peter was cute as well!
back to now!!
are any of u coming to leeds on monday to c my demo on "all things french!"?
if there is anything that u want to c in particular let me know.
liza smith xxx
Hiya Liza, :green: :lol: :green: :lol: :green: :lol: :green: :lol: :green:

Welcome back, hope your PC's all better now! I'll definitely be coming to your demo, i'm looking forward to it and looking forward to meeting you too! So keep an eye out for me, I'll be the one hiding in the corner!!
Welcome back liza

Missed you loadssssssss hun ;)
Welcome back Liza :) We missed you loads.
Missed your advice, Wit, Humour, Ok that will do :) Missed you.
Oh babe missed ya loads............
Not the same without you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome back babes looking forward to the next master class!! :D
My god it's been so quiet!!!!!.............Good to see you're back and bubbling.

hi guys, it's good to "hear" ur voices!
i'll c some of u on monday!
liza xx
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