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Aug 22, 2011
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West Midlands
Hey guys :) hoping for some reassurance really. I have completed some infills today (please see pic below) - this happens to be the second infill on this particular set on one of my lovely clients and she pointed out too me this sort of orangey looking haze underneath the acrylic - now although I've never seen a greenie in 'real life' only in training - too me it doesn't appear too be one.

Upon inspection I believe it is just discoloration in the acrylic which perhaps I didn't notice when I did the infill (I'm not trying to make excuses but they were done at night and this would have been very difficult too see) perhaps water got underneath or a product of some description I'm not sure. But I know I filled correctly (always from behind the line lol) so all lifting was removed, nail plate cleansed etc etc.

So what I'm asking in a very long winded way is this - is it something to be concerned about? Or is it as I suspect - just one of those ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1336135710.274492.jpgthings? As none of her other nails are affected. Or can one of you lovelies advise me on what it in fact is? She was happy with them anyway -however I have offered to return for free and remove and reapply if necessary.

Thank you guys :)
are you putting a top coat on??

does she smoke?

or could just be colour from food or make up xx
Does she fake tan? Iv seen this before on one of my friends who tans quite a lot xx
Hi Souz - funnily enough as I was leaving she did say she was stressed and was going for a cigarette - something she'd never mentioned before. I asked her about this as I said that may have caused it and she said she had recently started smoking socially - so interesting you should say that! And yes I always apply a top coat :)

And JoJo no she doesn't fake tan - I used to get that when I fake tanned too lol!

So you don't think it looks like anything sinister ladies?

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I really don't think you should be worried about anything here! She needs to stop smoking :-/
Lol JoJo! You are so right! Tut tut! Ruining my beautiful nails with tobacco - humph!!!

Thank you for your reply you've put my mind at rest :)

Off too deliver the bad news! Stop smoking or feel my wrath lol :)
Seriously though, doing infills at night should be no problem .. . I do it all the time . . . get yourself a good lamp (Daylight do a good lamp) it will show up every little imperfection, even ones you couldn't see before switching it on . . . so if the nail looks perfect under a Daylight lamp, it's because it is!

Thank you blossom - I'm not even sure it WAS there when I did the infill I certainly saw nothing at the time. I do use a lamp but I would definitely be interested in purchasing a daylight lamp - that is a wonderful idea thank you I shall look into it :)

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