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Amber Hawkins

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Sep 1, 2017
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Hello everyone, (This is quite a long one, please bare with!) :)

I really need some advice! So I got back from travelling in February! I have tried getting jobs and a lot of them I feel just aren't for me e.g environment and rules etc.. I feel I am better suited working for myself! I have all the beauty qualifications and recently just did my individual eyelash course as this would be what I would like to work doing! I have got my public liability so I am all set up.

Originally I thought I would be fine just doing this straight up but I do realise I need to maybe get a part time job just to give me some security! So I have just accepted a 10 hour job at Primark happy days :).

My real question is it totally out of the question to do this work from home in a place I rent? You see if you do it from home its not like you have to worry so much if you don't get any clients one week because it wouldn't be costing you anything.

I remember a few years ago I rented an apartment and we never had anyone come round for checks no one would have ever known if I was working from home.

There is no way that I can do this from my parents home that i'm living in at the minute.

I have also been looking at beauty rooms to rent but I am from Leicester and there is not much around and it is so expensive! Also its like do you pay for the beauty room first before you get clients, or wait until you get the clients but then you don't have anywhere to do them!

I am only practicing at the minute not even practiced on a proper person yet! I will be sending out a message to all my family and friends this weekend to practice on which I can do at home because I know them!

First of all I will be doing it for free because I really need to practice a lot, and then maybe after a month I will put it up to £25 and then increase it after that too! I am hoping that some of my family and friends will end up being reliable customers so at least thats a start for my income to work off.

I could advertise as mobile but I just don't think its going to be ideal, I have read a lot on forums about humidity and the eyelash glue not drying properly so I really need a stable place.

I am also currently setting up my website and I will be sending off for loads more flyers.
I have been watching a lot of marketing videos off youtube and it says you really need to know who you are marketing at, so I am thinking of: People that are getting married, graduating, going on holiday, parents that don't have much time on their hands, any kind of occasion really etc.

I don't have much money in the world all my last bit of savings us going on this, and you just feel a bit on the edge not knowing if all the money and effort going towards this is going to work out! I guess you just have to have hope and believe!

Sorry for the essay!

If anyone has any advice or can relate in anyway please please leave a comment and if anyone is from Leicester or near by please get in touch maybe we can help each other out! :) xxxx
Hmm it's a tricky one. I'd be looking for a small part time beauty job to get the best of both worlds. It will give you experience and an income prior to building your own business.

You're local to Ragdale hall. Definitely worth getting in touch with them.

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