I need advise on some things please?


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Jul 29, 2013
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OK. I am going to try to explain my situation before I get yelled at and scolded lol.
I just recently went out on my own working for myself and I have put A LOT of money into my supplies. So much I almost hyperventilated lol.

I am trying to get everything from one brand so I know it works as far as my hard gel and acrylics. I am using Nouveau L&P and one step gel, so far in just clear.
I use Gelish, NSI, Finger Paints, and Light Speed gel polish. I have used all of them on myself a time or two with NO issues so I have added them to my services. I always try things on my self before I use anything on a client to make sure if it can with stand my abuse it would be okay, and I also advise my clients if they have any issues to let me know ASAP. I have had NO complaints on any of the gel polish I used. Most of my clients are clients at the hair salon so I've seen at least 2 in the last week and they are fine. Others are my family and they are fine as well. I was using a 45w lamp to cure everything. (I bought it from a nail tech who went out of business and she said she only used it maybe 5 times) I've had it for 2 months and have used it well over 10 times.

Well, come today when I used my new products on a full set french L&P and applied the gel coat as soon as my client pulled out her hand only her right hand was discolored, like yellow and dingy and the gel was dull after I used the cleanse. So I wiped it with 99% alcohol and it was still dull. Her left hand was perfect. My next thought was the lamp. (I know you are suppose to use the correct lamp with the same product line but Nouveau has a mini lamp and it has two 7Watt bulbs. Not to mention the lamps are only $39.95 and they are BOGO at Premire Nail Source. That kinda threw me since they were so cheap so I didn't buy it. ) I figured my bulbs were going bad and that was the reason. So I began research, come to find out this brand of UV lamps are horrid when it comes to replacing bulbs and so many people having issues with it in general, especially just dying and not working at all.
So I went out on a limb and went to my closest supply house. Since I've spent so much already on my supplies I couldn't fork out another $250+ plus for a new lamp. So I found a great deal on an IBD Jet 5000. (we used it at the old salon i worked at before switching to Ikonna) It has two 8watt bulbs so I figured it would work best for my Nouveau products.

As soon as I got back to work I used color pops to see if it would cure all of my gel polish and it does (don't shoot me for using it with them also) I know this is a touchy subject. Eventually I will be replacing all of my gel polish with IBD Just Gel... it's just going to take a while.. Was it really the bulbs or do you think that it was just too powerful for the top coat and hard gel that it turned? Like it got too much UV? It hasn't turned with any of the gel polishes, not even the french. Except when I used the Seche Vite UV top coat..

I just started out last week and I feel like giving up, if it's not one thing it's another. I was suppose to do nails and pedicures but we have a situation with the pedicure chair since it's not the salon owner's and I'm loosing so many clients bc of it. and I really don't have the money now to spend it on one. I know it's going to be slow and things are going to be hard but why am I wanting to give up only after a week? I love the salon I am at and I am happy, don't get me wrong. I just have my doubts and I am always so hard on myself and paranoid. Any help or advice would be appreciated.. just nothing negative, I know your suppose to use the correct lamp for the same products, yada yada. I'm trying I really am. :cry:
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