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Jun 7, 2007
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bathgate, scotland
Hi all,

Just wanted to let everyone know i sat my final exam at Creative in glasgow today and passed. I am now a qualified nail tech. yeeehaa! lol :lol:

the question is.. how many of you out there wear dust masks? The last couple of sets i've done has caused problems with my chest. I think it must be the dust from filing but my chest becomes so sore and heavy and i spend the whole time coughing. I think i should probably get a dust mask but think i'll feel a bit silly wearing one. SO anyway i just wanted to know how common it is for a nail tech to wear them.

Thanks xxx:hug:
Congratulations Lisa!!

I dont wear a dust mask but I am considering it too. I find my nose and throat gets a bit sore feeling sometimes.:cry:

Its a symptom of bad application technique on my part which involves me doing alot of extra filing. Maybe once I improve I wont have the problem so bad:lol: Meantime, and without the bonus of an extraction system, I am definitely considering it.
Well done and congratulations on passing. xx:hug:
I confess, I do NOT wear a face mask except under the following conditions:
1 - I have a bad cold I don't want to pass on
2 - My client is former NSS with MMA and I don't want to smell/breathe it.

I do have a table top dust extractor............... collecting dust at the moment :o
It's made for the arms to rest upon, except with the height of my chair and height of my table.. it makes it too high.. and I get a nasty crick in my shoulder/neck. So for now... it collects dust in the way it wasn't intended to.:o

I do intend to correct this situation.. particularly since I work in my home and gel leaves a very fine layer of dust everywhere..... But for the moment, I'm a naughty girl.
thanks everyone for ur comments. Think i'm gonna go ahead and get the dust mask at least untill my application gets better and i don't have to file as much (which will come one day, probably many years from now but it will come) lol. Didn't realise you could buy table top extraction systems, anyone know where to buy them and how much they are? Sounds like a great idea cause if you had a client with asthma the dust could really set them off and that'd make me feel really bad not to mention you'd loose the client.

Cheers Lisa xx:hug:
I wear a mask when I file, I also use my dust extractor EVERYTIME!! I love doing nails BUT I don´t want it in my lungs...
yeah its not a nice thought really is it? all that dust can't be good for your lungs. I'm still coughing up yesterdays sets, its horrible. Dust masks is a definate from now on i think.:)
Hi Lisa, i had to wear a mask for the first time yesterday and felt really stupid at college but i cant take any more dust in.Im now on antibiotics and steriods as my chest that bad.We have 10 girls at college all filing/buffing/blending in 1 room with now ventalation! Iv got 3 weeks left so hopefully when iv done my finals it will all to start n clear up.The was was abit strange and it was soo how in there aswell my top lip was sweating he he.You wear it dont get like me as i feel ill now.Good luck with your future and well done for passing,im hopeing i get thru at the end of the month.
take care xx
I am defenitly for dust masks. I always wear them. I felt silly when i wore them in the beginning but now i don,t think about it anymore and my customers are used to it. I started to wear them since i rent a place in a salon and dont have a dust suction thingy "don,t know the name in english" The tables don,t allow space for it either etc... So i was forced to wear them but now i am used to it.
Thanks everyone, I am going to go ahead and get the masks, although begining to wonder if it is the nails or not cause i haven't done a set since thursday and my chest hasn't got any better. I even had to use my sons inhailor tonight just so i could breath(i know i know, i shouldn't use someone elses medication) but i was pretty desperate to be able to breath.

Lisa xx
CONGRATULATIONS Lisa! I often wear a dust mask if I am doing back-to-back rebalances. You will find that as your application improves, you will have less buffing, etc. Better safe than sorry!

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