Ideas for Metro Sin City please.


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Jul 9, 2007
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Overton, Britain
Hey you guys. I posted a thread a while ago asking for nail art ideas, I had done the natural tip/natural powder, white powder tip, different sized diamantes, different coloured flicks, crushed pearl over clear tips etc etc etc thing, and am getting bored. Money is tight so don't want to pay for a nail art course just yet.

On your good advice I have bought Sin City, but what do I do with it? Do I put in over the entire nail and tip? Or is that just wrong? Just black tips?
Any other ideas pleeease!:confused:
Is sin city the black one? (sorry cant remember without looking). If so theres a few things you could do with it.

Personally, I'm very much of the goth persuasion and so I love long enhancements done completely in sin city. I know thats not to everyones taste, but you can do the black zone 1 smile line and use another metro metal or your usual pink in zone 2&3. I did this for a client recently, who is very mainstream in her tastes, and she loved them. Also, (although I havent tried this myself yet) you can use the black to outline shapes then fill the middle with one of the other colours. If you get the box set of metro metals there is a leaflet in there with some ideas on. I intend to have a play with some of the more fancy designs when I get time.

Happy experimenting! If you come up with anything fabulous, post some pictures on the site :green:
Yep Sin City is the black with the sparkle in it, absolutely gorgeous!!! Have a look in the gallery, there are lots of ideas in there, and some examples of great work using Sin City!

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