If you're working from home how did you start up?


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Feb 13, 2007
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Gtr Manchester
I'm training at the moment and not sure which way to go.

I could go in a salon to start.

Rent a space

or work from home.

just wondered if i decided to work from home. how to get enough clients. Where to advertise and when to start.

My college course finishes next June.
I chose home, simple reason I want to work for my self, not have to answer to anyone but my self.. works well for me.. Clients.. the best way I picked them up was actually word of mouth, but flyers, and cold calling into Gyms and other places that women hang out has worked well also.
i started out in a spa so i brought my clientelle with me and the rest is word of mouth and family and friends...i would like to have more clients though
I started off renting space in a tanning shop, took my clients with me when I left and have gainede most of my extra clients since then through recommendation, website and having a paid for advert in the yellow pages.:hug:
Thanks Sharon.

Just had a look at your website. Your salon looks great. really cosy. Great idea.

Thanks for the reply.
A word of warning - my local council were wanting to charge me £290 for outline planning permission to work from home as I was having clients at my home. A friend of mine also said that once you get the permission it is hard to get rid of especially if you are trying to sell your house, it can cause problems. Also your household insurance and mortgage company (if you have one) may also charge you extra, or may not allow you to run a business from home at all.

I gave up and am now just going mobile, my treatment room looks lovely too, oh well it will be a nice spare bedroom/office instead.

I hope your local council are not such ????? well you know whats. Good luck.:hug:

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