IHBC M10 or NVQ unit 19?


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hi girls i though in the city of westminster you had to have an NVQ unit 19 to be able to work as a nail tech or is this coming into force at some time and i have my wires crossed? the reason i'm asking is that i'm looking into working from home instead of being mobile and i want to find out as much as i can about rules and regulations before i open the can of worms! obviously i have qualifications and insurance to be a nail tech but i'm stumped as to where to find out the relevant information ie do i have to tell the council ect?(checked out their web site no mention of working from home rules ect) i wont be knocking through walls just converting the dining room or the out building that we have, my only concern is that there is a salon on the same road as me who also do nails i'm not saying i will be any bother to them as a shop salon and home salon two totally different things some people prefer to go to a shop based salon some feel more comfortable on a one to one i hope at some point we could get a healthy business relationship ie today a lady telephoned and needed an appointment for a manicure as she had an interview in the afternoon i couldn't fit her in so i told her to try the salon down the road hopefully maybe in the future they may put forward my name if a simular situation arose (well i can always hope!) so do you see my predicament? hope someone can offer some advice! :shock:
Hi/Hola Geeg
Would you not need a recognised qualification to get insurance in Spain.
Take care Dawnie xx
It is good to have a recognised qualification, even if it isn't mandatory that you have it to practice.

There is no mandatory licence to do nails here in Spain nor do you NEED to have a recognised qualification - exactly the same as the UK.
Hi Nicole
I have the VTCT (IHBC)

S/NVQs are the national qualifications of the UK and therefore have a particular status within the EU
In addition, the VTCT and its predecessors have been established since 1962 and are well recognised in many countries, because it will take years before there is harmonisatin of qualifications, even within the EU, qualification acceptability is something that you must take up with the embassy of the country in which you intend to work. however in the EU you are entitled to work in any other EU country without a specific work permit.
USA will be a different matter all together as many States have their own reginal requirements.

Hope this helps
take care Dawnie xx

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hi guys and girls just a quicky i want to make sure i am signed up for the right thing here! (maybe you could help with this one geeg being in spain and all!) i was told that the VTCT IHBC unit M10 is the equivalent to the NVQ unit 19 the only difference being that the IHBC is recognised abroad and the NVQ isn't, none the less both are equaly accepted in this country.
i have signed up for the IHBC on the strength of this just incase by some mere miracle i ever happen to be able to work aboard doing nails (which would be fantastic!)
would someone mind letting me know ?
thanks nickki jones :D
Hi, I will try and have this answer for you tonight!!! :rolleyes: :oops: ;)
Mrs geek you are a gem thanks hun! :thumbsup:
Hola! Dawnie,

I have asked around and as yet there is no specific insurance for nail technicians -- basically they don't yet recognize NT as a profession. Most technicians work in hair salons or beauty salons and are covered (loosely speaking) under the owners insurance. Those working on their own either are not covered or are covered for beauty and the nails bit comes under that.
It is all very casual and 'loose' but I presume will tighten up over the years as NT comes into its own.

As to the city of Westminster, they do require an NVQ or similar BUT will allow you to work as long as you are registered as being in the process of obtaining it!!! How crazy is this??

They never check to my knowledge whether or not one has actually received the award! What this all means is that one can be completely untrained BUT in the process of ... and still work ... and no checking!! Crazy!! Loco!!
I have asked Jacqui Jefford for help with your question but I haven't had a reply as yet - I will post her reply as soon as it comes through!! ;) Sorry to keep you hanging!! :rolleyes: :oops:
Thanks mrs geek thats ok ! will be great to hear what jackie has to say about it! realy appreciate everyones help as usual you are all fantastic!!!!!!!!! :salute: nickki x
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