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Feb 18, 2003
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gran canaria and skegness
well just thought i would let you all know that after one long hard year of working my bum off and doing all the extra classes i could do and lots of one to one trainning ... with no confidence i passed my masters exam..
blinking heck...i'm so chuffed i had to share it. i passed last weekend .....
to any one out there who is just starting out go for it but don't just stop at the foundation course..go all the way.....lisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
well done :thumbsup:
RioSol!! I know this has been a long haul for you! Well done and welcome to Global Excellence in Nail Teks!!! Always maintain those high standards you have strived so hard to achieve!! :thumbsup: :salute:
Hi ya Lis,
I am so chuffed for ya..................
One day that will be me I hope...................
But as they say work hard for it and the sky's your limit..............

Well done again, having a drink for you lol
any excuse, but this is a great one

lots of love Ruth xxxx
Congratulations Lis! I hope that's given a great big boost to your confidence!

WELL DONE :thumbsup:
Congratulations and well done!

I would like to be in your position one day...I hope to do the creative foundation later this year and then all the masters courses after a while!!
Well done.......I`m really pleased for you.
I have recently discovered creative and so far I`ve done the Foundation and Next Step, can`t wait to be a master, does it really take a year??????gosh, can my patience last that long!
hi ya well done u!!!!

i only discovered creative this year and have done a conversion, spa day, fabric conversion and had a 1-2-1.......im booked on master classes for aug and sept.......i hope to be a master nail technician next year!!! im opening my own tanning and nail salon on the 21st august!!! cant wait and thank u creative.......vicx
congratulations on passing your masters i bet you are soo excited hope all goes well for you
:D thank you all so much..sorry it took so long but i've been away,i just wanted to post a quick reply. i don't think it takes a year to do i think it takes you at you're own pase. i took my time as i wanted every thing to be right and to really know my stuff. i think creative have the best training and the best teachers.i will continue with my one to one training as i think some times we can all become to complacent,and also because there are always knew techniques being developed. i would like to teach one day but i would like a few more years under my belt yet....if i can do it so can everyone else.....lisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
:thumbsup: Nice One :thumbsup:
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