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Feb 1, 2006
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poughkeepsie new york USA!!
I was contacted by Donna Dewberry's One Stroke Painting to start teaching!

I was asked because I teach drawing and craft painting at Michaels Crafts and the event coordinator know this is the kind of painting I do on nails. The woman who contacted my was impressed I could do this stuff on such a small canvas.

How exciting! I've always wanted to be an art teacher!

Now, if I could figure out how to get nail techs in there to learn how to do this kind of painting!!! Any ideas???

And just think, when I quit my job at the salon, some people told me I would go nowhere!!

My Nails Rock!
sorry have no ideas about teaching....just wanted to say well done you...when people have said you wont go far,now they will see you take off.....well done hun xxxx
WoW your work is Great Where is this class going to be I'm in Sullivan County I would love to go to an art class I already spoke to a few other techs i know and they are interested as well
Please contact me re the class. For got to put that....lol
I'm in Dutchess County, Michaels in Poughkeepsie.
I will be starting the One Stroke Painting classes in January. Decembers calendar is already filled.
I do have a still life class this Thursday and two glass vase painting classes this month.
When I find out the days of the classes, I will let you know.
Will you be taking the One Stroke Painting for use in nail art?
Thanks for your compliments!

My Nails Rock!
wow if only i lived a little closer lol! maybe i'll have to take a 'holiday' to the USA next year!

Congratulations hun xx :hug:
well done you - i have done a few designs on nails with this fab technique, but they didnt turn out that well. im sure with you being an art teacher anyway, youll come up with some fab ideas on how to get those students in there hun

well done :hug:
Congratulations...I love your stuff...Hope you enjoy the experience. :)
well done hun:hug: