In Vogue hair extensions?


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Sep 16, 2015
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Hi all,

Ive been using a certain brand of hair for my clients and although im happy with the quality, Im still always looking around for what else is available.

I came across Invogue hair extensions and while reading their site realised they offer white labelling as well as providing the extensionist/salon with a website etc. Literally every word was exactly the same as my suppliers website, even down to the pictures of the models, pictures of hair. I looked a bit further and found that the same colours which were out of stock with my supplier were also out of stock with Invogue.

Now my supplier is not cheap by any means, and to order the hair direct from invogue would be a massive saving for me, but for some reason I just feel bad, kind of like Ive found out a secret or something.

Im not going to say who my supplier is as I dont think thats fair but would love someone to tell me that its acceptable for me to cut the middle man out so to speak. Im fairly new so obviously being able to cut costs at the moment is massively appealing to me, for some reason I just feel bad tho
Ask your current supplier to sell to you for same price as in vogue ;)
I have just had a look and In Vogue seem to be using pictures from multiple suppliers, this is pinched from Prestige

Maybe they have copied several suppliers web pages ?
this is the same image from prestige website
A lot of Web designers use a company/website called shutterstock so you will see a lot of repeat images here and there, it's not that they've copied I don't think.

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