Incomplete gel system help!


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Apr 4, 2018
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Kansas City
I recently began working with hard gel. I purchased Mia Secrets builder gel to play around with. I started with just using a dehydrator to see if I would get lifting without using additional products. Shocker, I got lifting.

I went to Mia Secrets site and found that they don't exactly have a full system for gels, as l&p seems to be their focus. I purchased the non acid primer as it was the only product that would be useful with gels. (It makes me nervous as I've only ever seen "bonders" used with gel.)
They don't exactly have a base gel or top coat gel to go with the system. They have a basic uv/led top coat that I'm assuming is soak off.
I want to be able to cover my overlays and extensions with a file off thin hard gel top coat, I want to be able to remove my nail polish without ruining my enhancements.

I know everyone always says that you should use products within the system for best results, but that isn't exactly how this line seems to work.

My question is (seeing as I have quite a bit to use up of Mia Secrets) could/should I use another bands base coat/binder and file off too coat?
If so, what brand?

I'm a beginner and I don't have tons of money to put into this, but one I'm out of this product I may switch systems.


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