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Aug 22, 2007
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I recently had a trade magazine that included a comparison of treatments from this year and last, including prices etc. and availability of treatments.

Damned if I can remember where I saw it though. Can anyone help point me in the direction?

Just had a quick flick through a couple of recent magazines I have got to hand and in Professional Beauty (the issue I am looking at is May) they have a section called Insider which has comparisons from year to year. Hope that helps :)
Its the Guild beauty Index, they do a breakdown every year of all the statistics, its really good reading, shame a few people have to charge so little for treatments and undervalues our industry.
The Guild survey is always an interesting read. This year my prices came out all within a pound of their average, so I was happy with that given that I do often wonder if I am underpriced.
One thing that always shocks me about these surveys tho is the average wages for those working in spas and large salons. I know that many owners pay well and with good comission but there seems to be so many just taking the mick out of the fact that some people would rather be emloyed not self employed and paying them next to nothing.

I suspect that a lot of it is preying on the inexperience of people who are fresh out of college and not worked in any other industry, but it still suprises me.
It's in the Guild Gazette (not the Beauty Index, that is nothing to do with us). If you want a copy, PM me your address and I will post it out for you.

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