Infill vs rebalance?


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Can I ask for advice on the above please. I was taught it was called an infill however all my clients are usually 3 weekly appointment with a few fortnightly. I've never just infilled and always do full rebalance but it takes me almost the same time as a new set.

How can I decrease my timing so that it's more cost effective? My rebalances are £5 cheaper than a new set so over the cost of a day that can be as much as £35 so I need to change my pricing or timing


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Can I add that I include 2 repairs in the price


infills and rebalancing are the same thing, you would never be able to just infill the growth without rebalancing or you would definately get service breakdown, do you use an e-file for reducing the bulk of the enhancement? I never reccommend using them for preparing the nail plate like some NSS places but for rebalancing they are pretty useful and reduce the filing time by at least half, not only thaqt but polymerised old enhancements kill your files which we all know arent that cheap.


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Actually Infill and rebalance are not the same thing - Sorry . Infill is where the growth down at the eponychium would just be filled in and blended with the current product and where the apex has not moved enough to need a rebalance

Rebalance is where the structure has become 'out of place ' ( putting in simple terms here ) and the whole product needs to be blended down and apex putting back where it needs to be .

In my experience if the application has been correct in the original application then when most return it is a rebalance that would be needed . However you could have a customer that wants tp return earlier than the norm and all they would need is infills

Either infill or rebalance should not take as long as a full set but in the beginning it could do . Your timings should improve the more you do it . Take a look at what is taking you the time . Is it the blending and if so are you having to spend a lot of time on that because of lifting ect . Then you need to look at that and work out the reason WHY it is taking you so long . Break down your maintenance appt into timings for each section and see where it is you need to speed up

I am not sure exactly what application you are referring to though ( L & P , hard gel or just gel polish ) but this should not make a difference
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It also makes a big difference if you are doing pink and whites. As well as rebalancing the stress area you also bring down the smile line which has grown up.
A rebalance isn't needed every appointment only an infill where you do use less product so charge accordingly.


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It's not pink and whites and I always do a rebalance as it's usually 3 weeks between appointment as stated in my original post.
I just think that attaching forms/tips seems to take the same time if not less as filing and reshaping the original set.