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An irritation is temporary -- scratch it and it goes away, a minor thing but as Nicky says, a warning one should not ignore.

Swelling and inflammation as this has been described is an allergic reaction - no doubt.

Was she ever allergic to nail products when she used them before??
Once allegic always allergic.

As Ruth says, she may be leaning in product so her technique needs to be looked at closely but if it is something in the product then even if she works clean, she may still have a reaction if she gets anywhere near it.

It is very odd for someone to have an allergic reaction with no prior warning signs ... it normally happens over time and repeated exposure. But for sure she has been in contact with something on that arm that her body does not like.


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Mar 11, 2003
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can anyone help pleeeezzzz
my friend has just started doing nails again,she has had a break re family.using creative and has got really inflamed hands and it has gone all the way up to her arm pit. only doing her own and one friends so not the ammount but is this a reaction to the dust. is there any thing she can do apart from barrier cream extracter etc... would it help for her to change to fabric any ideas plese she abs loves nice nails but cant even bend her fingers at moment.
It sounds as if she is definitely allergic to something she is getting into.

Very unusual for it to happen so quickly. Is she sure it is product and not something else?

A change to fabric# will be the answer unless it is Cynoacrylate she is allergic to.

Something like this is a hard thing to pin down and it is only by a process of elimination that she will find the answer.

Do Not attempt to do you own patch testing!! It will not provide the answer as each product contains many different chemicals and you will have no idea which is causing the problem.
Well hun...................

Geeg said it all, but I have had a thought lol yes just the one........
When she does L&P does she wipe the brush on a towel....
Does she then rest her hand on the towel...........
Coulsd explain why it has travel up her arm.............
But then again
There could be hundreds of other reasons, like Geeg said....... process of elimination......................
So here is a pointer to one, that you could get her to take of the list..........
So there is it just a thought.............

Love Ruth xxx
Just a quickie......... I might be wrong, but.........

If you or anyone uses a barrier cream then they tend to be VERY greasy, so therefore dust is gonna be attracted to it and just sit on the skin and if its the dust she has an allergy to then it could potentially cause it to become worse.

What your friend has, sounds like an irritation which is a sensitivity to a product or ingredient which has increased over a period of time.
An irritation is a warning that your body does not like what you are putting in it, or on to it.
Prolonged and repeated contact to this product or ingredient may result in permanent sensitization which is an allergic reaction and is serious if ignored.

Is it only up one arm?
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