insurance if not able to work?


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Sep 20, 2007
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last week I started renting a room on a monthly rent, which obviously I have to pay regardless of how many appointments I do, if I'm on holiday or ill.

Then I had a horrible thought, what if I'm ill? What if I break my arm and can't work?

I'm not usually pessimistic or negative, but I'm only getting my head around the fact that I will have to pay monthly rent (I've always worked on a % basis).

So, is their an insurance policy that I can take out to cover such eventualities?
thanks noodle, have you got a figure of how much it would be so I know what to compare with?
I've no idea about how the premiums are calculated, sorry hun .... your best bet is to give a few companies a call, firstly to see if they offer Income Protection Insurance and secondly, to get a rough idea of the cost.
Before you take up your choosen policy, just check the terms and conditions, as usually this type of insurance does not start to payout until you have been unable to work for a number of weeks (6 I think). Just make sure you have money to fall back on in this period.