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Aug 22, 2013
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hull, UK
Hi geeks

I've just started working in a new salon it only opened yesterday but I'm not renting a chair I am employed by the owner.
My insurance as a mobile tech is due for renewal, do I renew it or is it different working in a salon, will my boss cover it for me??

Thanks xx
You will need to speak to your employer and see if they have insurance in place for you or not. Some employers will do this, whilst others require you to set up your own.
Thank you, so I don't need to have both? If she covers me in salon insurance I won't need self employed mobile insurance as well? Sorry just want to be safe x
Are you doing mobile work for the salon? If so, I would say it's your employers responsibility to insure you.

If you're doing mobile work self employed, you'll need your own insurance. Also, have you checked you're not breaching contract/agreement by going mobile work when you're employed? Boss might not be over the moon about that!

Something to think about! :)
As stated above, if you intend to offer treatments outside of your employment you will probably need to take out your own cover. A salon owner is unlikely to want to pay to cover you to work for yourself.
If you're employed, the Salon Owner is responsible for ensuring the work you do in the salon is covered by insurance.

If you plan to work for yourself outside of salon hours (assuming it doesn't contravene any contractual obligations) you will to purchase your own insurance.
Oh no no no I'm not doing Mobile as well as in salon I just meant because my insurance ive had from before i started is due for renewal I wondered if I needed personal cover as well as my employer covering me, if that makes sense.
Basically I was checking that if she bought a salon owner policy and I am employed by her, would her insurance cover me fully or would I need to insure myself as well?
She has taken out a policy with pro beauty however mine has now expired..

Thanks for the answers :)
Just read my OP again i can see why others may have thought that i was doing both, i can be so silly sometimes! 🙈
The only person who knows what your salon owners policy will cover is her. You need to ask her if she has covered you.

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