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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hello all and Happy new year geeks

Ok my new year has started off in the usual way, with a pain in the butt :D yeh my insurance, well it is my home insurance actually, I explained to them that I felt I should get things straight as I had my nail table in the dinning part of our kitchen, clients enter through the kitchen door, so really just come from outside into the kitchen and then back out, i explained the equipment i had etc and they have replied telling me that I do not fit there criteria and do not want to insure my home any more.

I am a bit annoyed about this, have a bank account with Abbey national, savings account, my sons account, our mortgage, and life insurance, I explained that they would loose my custom and yet I had been a loyal customer for years but still they said they were not bothered as they could do nothing for me.

What can one say but heck I think this is bad business, anyway has anyone else had this problem? do any of you know of a home insurer that will assist. I am fully insured every other way with BABTAC just wanted to inform my home insurance to be on the safe side thats all.

Any further information anyone can offer will be very gratefully recieved.
Looking forward to help on this one.
hi ya grace happy new year,

i too had problem with my household insurance only yesterday, I was with equity red star and thought it was only fair i rang them to tell them i have a nail table in my spare room. i am a mobile tech but yes i do a few from home mainly friends. so they wouldn't cover me i told them i have cover for public liability and product liability, still wasn't interested. i work part time for insurance broker in the motor department so i rang down to the household dept, and one of my colleagues got my insurance with jr clare. i have a few endorsements on my policy, no cover for public liability arising from my work as a nail tech, no cover for theft other than forcible entry for obvious reasons. my insurance for my contents was very low. the number for a quote is 01924 207107. and just explain your circumstances.
hope this helps. x
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