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Jan 8, 2004
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east sussex
Hi guys,

Hope everyone is well.

Well things are coming along slowly but surely with my salon. But i keep hitting obsticles!! I finally got my mum to ring up her house insurers, and was under the impression that just letting them know would be fine, and maybe paying a bit extra, but they have said they won't insure her if i do open up!! so what do i do?? Do you guys know any companies that are fine with this?
Also, she lives on the ground floor of a block of flats, and pays maintanence, part of which goes towards building insurance, do i need to let them know? or can i just go to a company and get completely seperate insurance?
I'm really enjoying the planning, as long as everything is going smoothly!! :o

Thanks. ;)
It's frustrating when you hit these problems :evil:

Our contents insurance is through More Than - and whilst I'm not covered if someone fell down the stairs on their way out if they are a 'customer' (but I am if they're a friend or visitor ;)) , I'm covered for accidental damage etc. to my contents - and they are aware I run my nail business from home - without any extra premium.

Their insurance was also the most competitive when we shopped around last year - so we got a double shot of good luck !

Give them a try - they're really nice to deal with too

Hiya Hon

I am with Direct Line and when I let them know a week ago that I would be setting up shop at home they said no probs, made a note of it on my file, checked what kind of money I would be keeping on premesis, if clients have access to other areas of house etc and then said no extra charge!

Pretty much same as the last post I am not covered if they fall etc.
When I took my nail course our tutor was a nail tech also working purely from home (other than the teaching). She recommended her insurers to us.;
Proffesional Beauty Insurance 01622 740040
Would be very interested to hear how they quote you & good luck with your new venture.
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