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Aug 18, 2009
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i am so nervous totally unlike me to be this bad lol. i have an interview at a 5 star spa and hotel and i worrying about what to wear lol do you think should wear a smartblack dress os trousers anyone have any tips about question s could ask sorry bout all questions just want to make a really good impression as just the first part of the interview xx
which would make YOU feel the most confident? if both look smart and professional then which one would you like to wear? I personally feel most confident in a dress so I would wear that. a gorgeous pair of heels, nothing too sexy, smart ones. I nice bag and of course hair make up and nails done to perfection and a bit of jewellery. nothing too flash. maybe just earrings and a bracelet. all co ordinating of course!


1. What are your most popular treatments that your customers ask for? (then I would say what experience you have in that )

2. do you offer the opportunity to earn commission?

3. Do you offer ongoing training or refresher courses to your staff?

I wold also just drop that you would be happy to do a work trial for them ? (If you would). It shows them that you are more than happy to put your money where your mouth is......

oh how exciting for you!

best of luck
thanks tigi yeah i feel more comfortable in a dress. just want to make a really good impression as would love to work for this hotel thanks for the questions been a real help xx

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