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Dec 28, 2003
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West Sussex
Hello, :D
I am new on the boards here. I am currently doing a VCTC manicure and pedicure course at Chichester College, West Sussex. Soon, we'll do a Jessica training day and a 1 day basic nail extensions course (only meant as a foundation).
I mainly do Holistic Therapies, and it will probably stay that way, but reading this site and these boards is really informative and interesting!

What i would like to ask is probably a rather unusual question which i don't know if anyone will be able to answer!

I am very interested in environmental issues, and would like to be able to offer (as far as possible) an environmentally friendly manicure. I have found some quite nice products for the manicure process, but i would really like to know if there are any companies who offer biodegradable, natural-based products. I have no idea how biodegradable many things are - such as surgical spirit, nail varnish, nail varnish remover etc - my gut feeling being "not very"!
I would also like the products i use to be hypoallergenic (as far as possible).

If anyone can give me any suggestions it would be most appreciated!
Thanks in advance
welcome I too am fairly new to this site but am hooked already theres so much to learn and very inspiring. Thanks for writing a bit about yourself too its interesting to hear about what other people do, i noticed that you have done Reiki i have had this done and would really like to learn this do you get many clients for this it would be good to do on top of my beauty and nails!! )
the cuccio range of manicure products are plant based i believe.
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