Inversion growth method?


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Sep 18, 2013
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Hi All,

Popping over from SkinGeek to ask for some advice...

My hair doesn't grow past my shoulders! I went a full year without a haircut and had maybe 1cm of growth. Since that didn't work, I started going for regular trims, maybe every 2 or 3 months, but its getting shorter and shorter, my longest hair almost reaches my shoulder and my shortest layer is maybe 3 inches at my crown and fringe.

I've tried Lee Stafford Hair Growth, NISM Fast Grow, Main and Tail, Mink Castor Oil, everything I could find on Youtube to no avail!

I've heard of a method called "Inversion", which is basically putting warm oil on your hair, and tipping your head upside down for 4 minutes every night for 7 days. Although this doesnt seem very safe(???) its reported to make your hair grow an inch in 1 week!

Mental or just an unknown natural way to make hair grow? Can anyone advise a better way? I've spent a foutune on hair extensions since I was 15, at least enough to buy a car by now and I'm really at my wits end!

Any help is much appreciated x
That sounds like my hair and a few of my clients too . Let me no if this method works please I'm intrigued x
Is this a joke?
Hi I've never heard of this method so cannot comment if it works or not, however I will say you should be having regular trims at a minimum every 6 weeks, this is to get rid of the split ends, as soon as your ends start to split they become weaker and then snap, making your hair appear to have not grown when infact it has, but the ends snapped, I hope this makes sense. There's a massive miss conception that hairdressers tell clients to come for a trim every 6 weeks as a way of making more money out of a client, when it's not actually the case.
Oh please.

Your rate of growth, and the growth cycle is governed by the genes you inherited from your parents.
If you think your hair grows 1 inch a year, then perhaps you should observe how quickly a colour would show regrowth. Are you using extreme heat styling that could be breaking/melting your hair?

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