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Aug 8, 2010
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Hi girlies. Can anyone recommend a good iPad app for appointments/clients details/notes?

I read of one called My Client but it had awful reviews :(

Ash xoxox
Ok been reading around and found another one called My Chair - any of you use it. Reviews welcome :) x x x x x
I have it's started using salonlite. I love it! Really easy to use. I can check it everywhere. I till keep paper record cards, creature of habit. I also still use an appointment book just as a back up kinda thing.

can salonlite go on an ipad one without internet 24/7 like the ipad two? my other half has an ipad he doesnt use and i love to have client records for everything...but 5 lever arch files later im running out of space and patience trying to find and update records...
i have salonlite on mine ,and also style seat which is fab .. but you cant access it fully (they have a promo website etc.. ) because its american .. but i prefer it over the salonlite one x
You need to have Internet access to use salonlite but there's an app for free called shorthand manager which I have for my iPhone which doesn't need the Internet. There is also my chair and my book but I haven't tried them.
Went with mychair, absolutely love it
I've just bought iPad and have always used my book on my phone but they don't do it on the iPad . Trying to find the my chair app but can't find it anywhere :/
Search MyChair all one word.

I love it. What I didn't think was obvious in the app description - you can customise the appointment types so I have totally reworded and changed mine (inc deleting all the hair ones, etc)

It's very customisable xx

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