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Jan 6, 2010
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Hey everyone,
I ordered some irresistible foils and the colours are totally different to how they look online so can anyone give any recommendations on any of the foils/glitters that they like for the next lot I get. Haha I think this will be more accurate

Thanks guys xxxx
I asked them this direct of you go into their Facebook page there is pops with the glitter on own an with shellac. X
What ones do you currently have?

I absolutely adore all of the holographic range but I also love golden white iridescent and candy pink. They are all amazing but these are my favourites xxx
I placed a large order with s2 recently an only bought one set. Gutted as love mine wish I would of just got a few lol x
The glitter kits I wanted weren't in stock so I just got the foils. Looked on the Facebook page but the just have the standard pics, not what they actually look like xxxx

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