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Mar 9, 2008
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Recently I've started to use cashmere lashes does anyone have any thoughts on these?? They look great but a few of my girls seem to be having allergic reactions I've been using mink lashes for years with no problems. Could the cashmere ones be causing a problem also I use ultra glue from flirties do you think maybe the glue could be the problem??

All advice appreciated, thank you xx
I believe that cashmere lashes are just flat lashes aren't they? They are made of the same PBT material so the change in lash type is more than likely not the reason you are getting reactions.

What is more likely is that a few of your clients may have an allergy to the adhesive you are using. All lash adhesives have Cyanoacrylate as their main ingredient so unfortunately the answer isn't as simple as finding a new adhesive either!

Clients can build up an allergy at any point so even if your client was fine before, that doesn't mean they will be going forward.

There isn't too much you can do once a client has an allergy to Cyanoacylate but the first thing to do is make sure that you are priming the lashes well and that no other irritant (such as eye pads) are causing the issue.

Hope this helps!
Thank you for Mimi do you think I should consider changing my glue?? Because it's a stronger one or is it just unfortunate this is happening and would happen anyway with any glue? Not sure why it's happened more so recently and I went years with no problem xx
Also I use tape rather than pads as this sits better could this be an issue?
Unfortunately, if the problem is an allergy to Cyanoacrylate, changing glue wont change the outcome. All adhesives on the market today are made from Cyanoacrylate and depending on whether its a sensitive glue or a strong one then normally means that there is a lower/higher percentage of it. Either way, it still has Cyanoacrylate in so those clients will always get a reaction.

Using tape is very very unlikely the issue so you are fine there.

It really is a pain and it's happened to me too! Clients can build up an allergy out of the blue, they'll be fine for years and then all of a sudden have a reaction!

The best advice I can give is that your clients need to have a break from the treatment to hopefully get rid of the sensitivity they are getting and then maybe try a sensitive adhesive. I can't make any promises though!
Thank you really appreciate replies xx

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