Is cutomer always right???


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Jun 4, 2003
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I had a new client today, (turns out she has never had anything done with her nails before) after a consultation we decided on a Gel overlay with nail art. She did not want her nails extended as she was a Practice Nurse, I also thought it would not be practical if I made her nails longer, and had to consider the fact she had not had extensions before. She did have some free edge so I persevered. The end result I thought was okay, even though personally I would have preffered them a little longer. I asked her before she left if she was happy with it she said YES. Two hours later she rings and says her daughter does not like them cos they are too short and its peeling off! :oops: (I dont know how) I asked her to come back for me to extend them if she wanted (first time customer - trying to keep her happy). She said ok but has now rang to say she is going on holiday tomorrow and is pushed for time so will have to leave it. I have asked her to come back when she returns so I can do them again for her but I feel upset :( (first time I have had negative feed back). I thought the customer was always right and after consultation gave her what she wanted, now she does not seem happy, neither am I.

Unhappy Cutie/Vickie.
You decided on the length together, right? If she wanted them longer then she should have thought about that before. It's not your fault that she doesn't know what she wants! Also, I hope you are planning to charge her for this, especially since she's only coming back after her holiday. It's my guess that she's trying to get a free fill from you. So be firm and don't let her take advantage of you.
Thanks for your advice Winky, I will wait and see what happens when she returns from her hols.
Hi Cutie, I have had something similar before and like you felt quite upset by it, like Winky said you discussed the options with the client before hand so the fact her daughter doesn't like them is immaterial. I found out that my client was trying to get the set for free by making complaints about them.... unfortunately there are people like this out there. You have done all you can asking her to come back so you can fix but really.... do you need clients like this? I find they end up costing you more time and money than they are worth... just my humble opinion of course. Jxx
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