Is electrolysis difficult to learn/do?


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Apr 2, 2010
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Question as above really.

A college near me is offering an evening course in this in January. I think I would enjoy it but it looks crazy difficult to get to a point where you can do it safely and effectively. What are your thoughts?
Not if you have a good teacher.There is a lot to it and ideally your teacher will have lots of experience.For a good start get a good book and get the theory behind you before you even start.
I think its not very popular anymore because of laser just my opinion x
Once I got into it, I did really enjoy it. I think you just have to be patient with yourself.
Electrolysis can treat all hair types, but laser works best on darker, courser hairs from what I'm lead to believe, therefore there is still a call for electrolysis. 😉
I think its not very popular anymore because of laser just my opinion x

That's simply not true, I am still doing electrolysis on a daily basis, and there are plenty of salons offering electrolysis round here. I think the reason it is seen as less popular is more to do with the way students are trained now, whereas electrolysis used to be a compulsory element of an all round approach to training, a lot of people tend to train only in particular areas. There are simply less electrologists trained now, and a rise in salons offering just nails/lashes etc.

When it comes to lip and chin hairs, electrolysis is chosen by most people over laser as it's generally less expensive. Here is a comparison of electrolysis and laser/IPL:

Moreover, most people who have laser will have hairs remaining following treatment, which most laser technicians will then recommend the client has removed by electrolysis. There are others still who have hairs that are not successfully treatable by laser, such as lightly pigmented hairs. For this reason most laser clinics also have an electrolygist.

Also, electrolysis is still the ONLY proven method of permanent hair removal.

Not only that, but electrolysis training also opens the possibility of later training in the use of diathermy and blend technique to remove and reduce thread veins, skin tags, warts, verrucas, moles, age spots, senile warts, milia etc etc.
I electrolysis daily as well. I think a lot of therapists are afraid of it. I hope it doesn't die off as less therapists choose to train in it.
It is a great treatment that is very successful when done by an experienced and skilled therapist.
I have a lady at the moment who has had laser and electrolysis several times from different therapists with no success until I started treating her, she is delighted with the results and I am delighted to have helped her.
It's a very satisfying treatment for both client and therapist. Skill level as with anything takes time, dedication and a desire to excel.
Good luck.
Of all the training I have done in my life the two stand out hard ones were my RGN training and the CIBTAC electrolysis one! All that physics!
I do electrolysis pretty much every day. Laser and IPL don't work on white, blonde or red hair, and in my experience, such as it is, IPL doesn't work so well on PCOS and menopausal hair growth.
I have an apilus machine and I get referrals from the local IPL salon to finish what they've started.
Once you master the technique and the science I find that the most difficult thing is getting both you and your client in the correct position!
I think it is difficult to learn/do WELL!!!

My daughter has just qualified in NVQ3 and covered electrolysis which she enjoyed. Unfortunately neither of us feel the level of training was enough to be let loose on the public.

We have been asked about electrolysis several times. A lot of people don't want laser particularly for smaller area, and around here, laser and ipl is not on your doorstep. I am thinking of getting my daughter trained up in electrolysis. She would be insured now, just not confident and not as efficient as we would like.

Vicki x

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