Is it a good time to start up?


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May 13, 2020
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Will try and do this the long story short way 😂 I did various courses and spent thousands of pounds between 2012-2014 (nails, waxing, eyelashes, eyebrows, spray tans) did a few clients mobile and then didn’t go any further due to personal circumstances. I’ve been studying something totally different at college/uni since then but now I’m thinking of going back into the beauty industry 😩. Is there much call for nail techs still? I think I would just stick to doing nails (gel polish, acrylic and possibly builder gel) and would either be mobile or self employed in a salon. I would literally have to start from scratch as I sold all of my equipment, silly I know 🙄, so I need to know if it’s worth it. Thank you 😊
If you haven't kept your nail tech skills up together then perhaps just do a refresher course with the brand you are likely to use? This will update your practical skills and knowledge on current products, H&S and allergies etc. You'll also know if it still interests you enough to go back to it.
After this perhaps just work in a salon to get your speed back up to commercial levels, then you'll get a feel on how to proceed long term.

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