Is it better or worse to work where you live?


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Jun 16, 2012
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Hi guys as the title suggests- how important do you think it is in this industry to work where you live? Do your friends and family send customers your way?
Do you think it helps being on hand and close by to home?
Im mobile so the closer to home the better less fuel, less travelling time... 😊 xx
I've always thought its been really good living and working in the same area (I'm mobile) as it saves on travelling costs, I have my friends and family around and I'm a local girl with the second biggest family in my area (my great great great gran had 22 children and they all still stayed local bar 2 that emigrated and went on to have children who had children etc etc) so I get lots of business from friends & family and on recommendations (everyone's that's lived in My area the majority of their life knows a member of my family lol I alway get asked if I'm a "osment girl" by randomers that know my family that I have no idea who they are lol). So, so far for me living and working locally has been very important & beneficial to me, (I can also give newbies to the area a very good history lesson on the area).

Recently I watched educating york I think it was called, a documentary on teaching in schools, the mother was a teaching assistant at the school and both her daughters went to the school. To cut a long story short the 2 daughters were found to be sending vile text messages to another student resulting in the police & school being involved and a very very embarrassed mother. Which got me thinking, if my children (not that I have any) were to do something like this it could ruin your business/ reputation with a lot of people and if you lived and worked locally it wouldn't take long before everyone new about it, especially on a village like mine. This made me think maybe it's not always good to live and work in the same area.
My OH is a police officer and wouldn't dream of living and working in the same area incase he ever got followed home by someone that he'd arrested/cautioned/peed off. So in some respects I think maybe it's not always best to live an work locally, it's much easier to be followed home by a client that's mad at you if you live close by than it is if you were in a different area
But how likely is that to happen hey!

So for me if have to say providing my children aren't horrible nasty sprogs that will ruin my reputation and I don't have any clients that want my head on a stick, living an working locally is very important to me :)
I work from home and honestly I get clients that travel 45 mins to come to me, working from home is soooo convenient - no complaints on that part but sometimes it can get a little sickening!
Sometimes I'm sick of being home all day and want to get of there! But that's only after a really really long day :) I take orders from home I do everything biz related from home so sometimes it can be a little too convenient if that makes sense?
But honestly if you worked for someone else or mobile then it's definitely important :)
Yeah, when I worked in social work I used to make sure I wasn't working too close to home! Didn't want to bump into any clients lol!
i live a few streets away from my salon and i love it i can work later/ open earlier for any clients that need an emergency appointment because i have no public transport to catch my clients love and appreciate how flexible i can be and if i need to nip home for anything in just up the road on the other hand it means i have to be on my best behaviour at the local pub hehe, im used to traveling over an hour each day too and from work in previous jobs so this is a blessing xx

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