Is Nubar Nail polish any good??


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May 18, 2012
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I am new to all of this and trying to find a brand of nail polish that isn't too expensive but is also really good! :eek:

I've found NuBar nail polish and love all of the colours and glitters but want advice if anyone uses it or has used it?

Pleassssse help! I would really appreciate it!

Thanks :p
I've got a few Nubar colours and they are great - I've had no problems at all with them!
I can vouch for their stripers but haven't tried the polishes.
I love Nubar. great formulation, nice to apply, great colour range. Check out their Nubar 2010 limited edition flakies. I love it :) it looks fabulous on dark shades!
Absolutely love it! Lovely consistency, easy to apply, great brush and great shaped bottle to hold, and fantastic long lasting colours when used with nubar base coat and top coat. Brilliant.

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Where do you buy your nubar?

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Hi yes I would like to know which online site is best to buy Nubar please !! X
I have a few nubar polishes and i like them, good brush and fab colours :) you open an account with palms extra to order no minimum or minimum opening order.

X x x

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