Is Professional Nails 04 tax free?? n/m


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Jan 29, 2004
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Pinkies! said:
Is this an american thing the n/m bit ????

Had me puzzeld for a while, but figured out it means no message, as there wasn't a message to reply to, just the post headline............;)

but VAT is always charged and has to be by law...........thats my understanding.
Some companies are not VAT registered...........
Check out this post and it will explain all.

Oh I'm sorry for confusing you, yeah, it probably is American.

Thanks for that link, that was very interesting!

I was just wondering because when I went to Olympia & Excel last year, I'm sure I didn't pay the VAT on anything I bought??

So do you think most stands will be paying it for us or offering discounts this year??

Thanks x
There are always signs for discounts at the shows.
I have even seen signs saying no VAT but apparently they`re not to do that so maybe I was seeing things, lol
I also noticed on one stand in particular that the prices were put up then a discount taken off, i only knew this because i knew the prices of things i wanted, so you do need to be careful, but on the whole its a great turn out and everyone seems to get a bargain.
And I wouldn`t miss it for the world
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