Is there an Italian lady here married to English man?


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hi. I am Italian and I am resident and lived here for the past 20yrs. I got married last month. My problem is that in Italy you don't take the husband surname. I want to change my surname now. I have changed my surname with the bank, my driving licence just by showing my marriage certificate.

My problem is my italian passport is still showing my unmarried surname.

How did you do it? I hope there is someone that can help

thank you

I have my married name for my bank and doctor and business but my drivers license and passport have my maiden name. Hasn't really caused too much trouble. If I want to change my passport I will have to apply with the Australian passport office. I'm waiting until it expires as it only has a year or two left and I don't want to pay twice.

I'm guessing you would have to contact the italian consulate/embassy.
My friend is italian and she married an english man last year x
But I'm pretty sure she has a english passport x
Ill ask her though x
And she has took her new husbands name xx
one of my close friends was in this situation. It wasn't very straight forward and to be honest i didn't really follow the ins and outs...suffice to say it took some months and what seemed like an unnecessary amont of paperwork! I do know she arranged it through the italian conslate in london though... Consolato Generale d'Italia in Londra

hope that helps!
thank you for all replies. xxx
My husband and I are English and married in Italy.
My italian marriage certificate doesn't show that my name is changing and there are bits in the wrong place (!) luckily when I went to the passport office they accepted it so I could change my passport.

Errrr that doesn't actually help at all does it, sorry!
Can't you just change it by deed pol? You can change your name to anything you want (except Jesus, hitler or god I think)

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