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May 17, 2011
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West Yorkshire
Hi geeks I have been wondering if to advertise on yell and other free sites, I am in middle of decorating my home salon room and nervous it isn't going to work as I live in middle of an estate and don't no really what I am putting my self up for x
well its free so what have you got to loose:D
I've got a heavy weight which is £24 a month but it's so worth it!! Especially as ppl leave reviews,,, I have 3 reviews that are all 5 star! X
Yes definitely. Make sure you get the best out of it. Post pictures ect and if you haven't already get a website and put the link on your yell ad. Most of my clients come from yell then go to my website. Being free is also fab too :)
Vicki xx
Try the free sites first as many as you can, then see what the response you get after a few months, keep your wordings professional, off course you know these already.
Middle of an estate , wow ! great ! you've got your own client-base at your salon-door step, do leaflets/flyers and put it through doors, shop windows, and so on.
Good Luck !
To be honest, it's too early for me to tell yet, but I have had endless marketing calls from companies since registering with them. Be warned! X
It's free :) I get a few new people ever month from yell. So defo worth it.

My friend who does make up put her self in the pages for £100 and within a few days got wedding bookings that payed it of right away (she was the only one under makeup artists, there were loads of beauty therapists ect so I'm not going to do it)
Thanks for all the replys have helped me make my mind up x
I pay £15 a month and I like them. The customer service is great! Today I had qype call me and they are £40 a month! And they come UNDER in google so defo yell all the way!
Its worth a try and see. I'm on there on in 3 years not got one fone call from it, but it's not costing me anything. Get on all the free sites it's free advertising. I have a website and get a lot of new clients that way good luck
Thanks geeks very appreciated x

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