Itchy scalp 3 weeks after nano extensions


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Mar 1, 2012
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Hi guys

Im a experienced hair dresser and after much deliberation iv decided to have hair extensions but there driving me crazy :mad:!!! Iv had simply hair nano bead extensions put in by a great extensionist in the salon but my scalp is literally on fire all the time and definitely no nits lol!! Im following all the aftercare and really dont want to remove them but this is difficult to live with :( its my whole scalp, nape of neck and behind my ears too!! Is there anythinv i can put on my scalp the wont cause extensions to slip??? Please help meeee!!!
I can't advise as not a hairdresser but I've just had tape extensions and rang my hairdresser to say shoot I think I've got nits as my head is itching so much lol.....he just said to give my head a good massage when washing which I do anyway but it still itches like mad :( x
I always have this problem with extensions! Drives me mad. Sorry I can't be any help, I haven't found a solution yet.
You could possibly be taking a reaction to the metal in the beads? Have you any known allergies? If this is the case it's best to have them removed, I'd go back to whoever done them and have it checked.

Sometimes around the 3 week mark people can get itching as the hairs shedding inside the bond/ring start to tickle their scalp as they can't physically fall out which can be sorted out by your stylist however this doesn't cause a burning sensation more an itching. Go and get them looked at, you don't want to damage your scalp xx
What shampoo have you been using ?
Did you do a test strand prior to fitting? The reason for a test strand is to make you aware of any allergies to keratin (tips) or the metal in the bead, personally I found micro rings excruciating to wear not because of allergies but their just really uncomfortable! I had bonds after that and haven't had an issue in 5 months of waring them :)
Could be a reaction to the metal like others have stated. You could have some cross hairs that are pulling as this can create am itchy sensation. Or you may have product build up. Are you thoroughly rinsing your hair while washing xx

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