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Apr 7, 2012
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Just started working with Jessica after 5 years using Essie.

Are there any "must have" colours that you couldn't live without, that I should have? I don't want a massive overwhelming range of colours so people take ages to choose, if they do them in the Geleration too that would be great.

Really not feeling the Jessica yet, still loving the Essie so i need a bit of converting with your help!

Got Confident Coral on now which I must say is lovely and that one is staying!
Mmmm so much to choose from. How many polishes in total would you like to start with?

I like Shall we dance, Merlot, Intrigue, raspberry (or Pharoah), blush & wedding gown for French, Royal Red, Sensual, Foxy Roxy. (these all come in Geleration too)
The list can go on and on.

What's your client demographic? Do you have a colour chart?

Good Luck with Jessica. I know in time you and your clients will love it.

P x
I love Winter Berries and Midnight Affair!
Definitely sexy siren, cherrywood and blushing princess are popular GELeration colours in my salon, I have bright lights on at the moment and it definitely looks good with that summer tan!! X
Passionate kisses is my most popular colour!! Winter berries also!! My absolute favourite is birds of paradise!! :) x
Blushing Princess is my absoloute favorite and I really love Striking too!! :)
Buck naked , I do for French midnight affair and Venus was her name , confident coral ,happy endings , dynamic all all my faves x
Venus was her name is my absolute FAVE! And I like one called birds of paradise. It's a shame I'm using shellac now and cannot be bothered with normal polish lol! All that effort for hardly any wear. But I love Venus! Might do it on my toes again soon.
hi hun -

cherrywood, kensington rose, bright lights, windsor castle are our top colours along with blush and wedding gown for french, have u seen the new Heavy Petal collection?? they are fab xxx

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Wow thanks everyone

Sorry not replied, boyfriends dads just died and its been a bit chaotic.

All those recommendations will be great when I pick my colours, we are using up some we have taken on from the previous business, can't wait to get rid and get my own ones in. Colour charts can be proper random from past experience! Always better to ask the professionals who use them!

Just want really a good range of about 6/8 reds and purples prob, some fab summer corals which are my favourite and a trusty few French ones. Whats the best white? I can remember using some whites ages ago and they are always little beggars for going gloopy dead quick
I only stock the colours that they do in geleration too so my clients can buy one if they love a particular colour. My most popular this time of year are raspberry, confident coral, royal red, soak up the sun and blush/wedding gown for French. Most popular winter colours are midnight affair, Windsor castle and cherrywood.
Mystic and nutter butter are my favourites. I find that the ones with a frost in have better staying power, anyone else agree?

For new colours I am torn between sensual and confident coral. Already have raspberry and royal red. Which would anyone suggest?

Has anyone tried the new glitters? Sequins looks as if it would have the best pay off in terms of colour, has anyone tried this? (I already have starlet which i layer over the top of colours)

Confident coral over sensual in my opinion! Have you seen soak up the sun? It's a coraly pink. Lovely! Both popular colours with me and my clients!
Chic is fab over colours in geleration also over French x
Hi geeks,
I'm very sorry to hijack this thread but as it is aimed at Jessica users I thought u may be able to help me! I have a client booked for nxt Monday for OPI gelcolor but she currently has geleration on her fingers and toes! Now I've read mixed threads about removal can anyone help some say it's better to break the seal others say it's not and how long roughly should removal take??
I have the OPI expert touch remover that contains acetone will this be sufficient as it removes opi's gelcolor in 10mins with no problems at all??
Any help hugely appreciated!
You will need to file off the shiny top coat on the geleration then I would have thought your remover will be fine but maybe just leave it on a little bit longer, or put the hands in warm mitts or wrap in a warm towel to speed up removal.

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