Just a quick one regarding spray guns leaking


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Jun 18, 2011
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Ok so I took my gun apart to clean, (5008), loaded it up to spray (verrry lucky only on my daughter, two spray parties next day) no spray coming out so released trigger, THEN, spluttered out all over my kitchen (and my daughter!) sooooo, took gun apart again, cleaned, again, loosened gland nut, put back together, same thing happened! (used water this time tho), tightened gland nut, leaking like mad from the nut, loosened nut, leaking like mad! P.S> ive lost my instruction booklet.

Anyway, after an hour of scratching my head, getting soaked, cleaning my kitchen and generally going up the wall, Im thinking the nut must be worn (even tho it looks pristine), looks at my spare accessory kit, thinking I wonder what those little plastic things are for.... one little piece seemed to fit snugly where the gland nut screws in, LO and BEHOLD, it worked! I checked my sink where Id cleaned the gun originally, and yes there was the little plastic thing that had fallen out causing all my problems!! Moral of the story... if your guns leaking, check you've not dropped any parts in the sink!!
Yep, Good post this.

We get customers doing this all the time:grr:

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