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As a business owner ive been amazed at the amount of articles popping up in newspapers that are saying supermarkets and chemists to launch beauty treatments and at the begi of this week I read that super**** are launching fillers and botox within some of their stores. Only last week talking to sales advisors in a department store in close proximity to salons have told me they are having in a little corner a nail table and brow shaping.

I would like to think that clients and potential clients would be looking for a more quieter place to be treated as it seems a bit "cattle market" to me.

What do you all think?

I would hate to see the demise of the local nail, beauty, hair salon and the growth of big retailers with big spending budgets offering these treatments.

Is it like this abroad? and could this be why some states in America in particular have a bad reputation for substandard service in the beauty/hairdressing industry?

Where will the industry be in the next 10 years I wonder?

I figure that companies may be able to compete if they spend a fortune on advertising and branding

However can/will "jopublic" be able to compete?

Im quiet today so whilst wittling through paperwork I thought I would see what comes out of this thread. :p Sad I know


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There have been brow bars in many shopping centers and department stores local to me for ages and I dont think this had had much effect on local salons.

I think there are lots of different 'types' of clients and different situations will attract those different clients.
My local area is fairly well-to-do and the ladies around here wouldnt dream of going to a supermarket for their treatments- someone might see!
Then not far away there is a less well off area where lots of ladies would love these little treats but cant afford it, they will be the market of these budget places, there are lots of low quality 'budget' hair and nail salons there.
There are people that want luxury service, people that want quick service, people that want price and people who want relaxation, people for convenience, their own home etc etc etc...

If you have got something to offer that the department stores and supermarkets dont (privacy!?) then I think you will be fine.

I personally dont have the money to go to high end salons but still would not go to a department store to have something done as I would not like having it done with people shopping around me. Thats just me.