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Mar 16, 2004
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Tunisia but ex Essex Gal!
Hi Guys, i know alot of people on this site are from many areas but i was just interested if anyone knew of any good website with regards to working aborad obviously doing nails, my main interest is Cyprus and wondered if anyone knew an agency or any details really about working abroad. My parents are looking to move to Cyprus and i am seriously considering going with them i work full time in an office at the moment but want to do nails full time, i still have alot to learn about nails, were hopefully going to Cyprus on the 23rd August for my 21st to have a look round even though ive been there 5 times lol! I have had a search on the net for employment in Cyprus but nothing coming up if anyone knows anything that will help i will be extremely grateful x x
I dont no of any site but well done you...i hope it all works out for you..!
Just had a thought...a few months ago there was a post threaded about working abroad. I think 1 was a woman asking for nail tech's and there was a man too.....try and look back through see what u can find.
Thanks Vicky, i have tried typing in 'working abroad' and 'abroad' but cant seem to get anything and not sure what else to try?
I'l c if i can find it!

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