Just got to share my progress!!


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Nov 29, 2011
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Hi geeks
Just done my first eve l&p on myself with NSI attraction and oh my god I
am so pleased with myself!!!I thought that I would always prefer gel and was scared to do l&p as my first attempt with lower end products were awful!I've definitely been converted and will now be using it more!don't get me wrong they aren't perfect but are easily the best set of nails I've done so far! There is now a massive smile on my face!xx
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Show us a pic, well done x
Fantastic! And great that you are enjoying it too :) I find L&P so satisfying keep up the good work!
have you trained in l+p or having play with it? i'm gel trained but want to get a sample pack of l+p to see how it is before i book a course? well done on your l+p set :D xx
Well done you enjoy the feeling xxx
I'm training in gel and l&p! The best part was it usually takes me 4 hours to do my own nails. Took me 2.5 hours tonight!I'm doing my sisters nails tomorrow with l&p wondering if tonight was a fluke and that I'll go back into meltdown tomorrow x x thanks for all your replies geeks x

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Sometimes everything just 'clicks' into place :) Just make sure you don't get too distracted with your sister there and try concentrate to recreate your success! I always find chatting away is when I lose time or concentration :D good luck! Xx
Well done you, I also had a good day yersterday. L&P removal and new set in 2 and a quarter hours. Yaaay. A full set without removal used to take me over 3 hours so I am really pleased. My new brush was worth every penny.
Just an update....did my sisters nails!great results again and finished in two hours!!think I've definitely found my calling x

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