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Dec 15, 2008
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I have completed Level 2 Beauty & Level 3 Holistics and planned to go mobile but been hampered by eczema/dermatitis reaction on hands! It has been very painful but on the mend now. Tests confirmed it is aggravated by fragrance and i have to patch test myself on all products. I have found that a range of oils that i can use (Eve Taylor) and just want to go for the massage side of things as other products irritate me. It is really frustrating as enjoy the other treatments!

Does anyone else just offer various massages and not the beauty side as well?

Thanks for reading, any advice would be appreciated

Sharon x
Does anyone else just offer various massages and not the beauty side as well?

Not me but someone I know locally just does massage. She has made herself a bit of a specialist by doing further massage training and does really well out of it.

Ive just qualified in complementary therapy and because I didnt do beauty first Ive been making enquiries regarding waxing and facial training and insurance, and quite frankly its going to be a lot more money and hassle,including having one insurance for the massage side of it and one for the beauty at the moment, that I think I might just stick to massage/holistic therapies and increase the range..ie qualify in hot stones and more stuff like that...even though I would like to do the other stuff and it is frustrating..!
A friend of mine makes a good living just from massage. She's done lots of different massage courses and incorporates bits of all of them into her treatments. She also does reflexology. You will find it much more tiring though.
Thanks for your replies - I have qualified in Indian Head, Aromatherapy (just pre-blended oils), Swedish and Hot Stones so thinking Reflexology will be next on my list for training and then maybe sports massage

Thanks again

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