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May 3, 2012
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Hi everyone :)

I have recently qualified as a nail technician, and need advice from anyone on what to do now, what I need i.e. insurance, get signed up for tax and so on. It’s all so much for me, and as I didn’t go to college/university to study this I haven't had much guidance.
Any advice will be amazing. Just stuck on what i need.

Thank you in advance.
You home based or mobile? You'll need beauty insurance either way, do a search and you'll find some info on lots of companies just ring them, I got an accountant and he sorted the taxman out. You have three months to register and I'm sort you can do it online, and you'll have to pay national insurance. Do a search and you'll find lots of very helpful info. Good luck
I don't know which would be best, to go mobile or to do it from home? Or go to a salon and ask if they have space for me?

Getting an accountant sounds expensive?

Is that three months from time I start doing peoples nails?

Thanks for your reply x
An accountant is really not that expensive and it's an expense, it goes down on your books. Mine has saved me a fortune. There is lots of thread that could help you decide what to do
Thank you for your help xxx

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