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Jan 28, 2004
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west wickham, kent
Hi every1,

Today was the day for the nail art course offered to us by Chocolate. Well, they confirmed once again that learning can be such fun. Rachel and Lisa were absolutely brilliant. It was like talking with friends, not teachers. All the other geeks were so friendly as well, it was great getting to know every1 in person, instead of geek names we see on the site.
From the experience I've had, I would reccommend K-Sa-Ra to anybody. I am naturally a nervous person when meeting new people and in that situation, but soon as I walked in there (after getting lost and turning up last) I felt really at ease.
So Rachel and Lisa, thank you very much for a great learning experience and a fun day.

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Well said Aylin!!!:D
You beat me to it.
A personal thanks to Rachel, Phil, Lisa and all the other geeks for a great day.
Hi Geeks:)

I really enjoyed today too, thanks to Lisa & Rachael for a really fun day. It was great to meet you other geeks and I look forward to seeing some of you on the 5th for the Essex Geek Meeting!

Take care

Oh, by the way,
A big thanks goes to Phil for coming to get me from the service station after I got lost. I probably would still be there by now.
AND Rachel calls herself scatty geek?
I might just beat her to that title.LOL

Wot a mad day! Im so glad you enjoyed the course. Its soooooooooo nice to put names to faces. I know we did not cover as many designs as we wanted to but i could chat to you geeks forever!

As Kimmi Rocks (kim) said, she knew me before she met me, im the same scatty, no airs and graces geek that i am on this site as i am in real life. I have made my name by being me, SCATTY! How i run a business and 3 kids i will never know!

So thanks to you geeks to, for a great day, i will arrange another date so that we can all meet again, and this time we can do some nail art!

Looking forward to the airbrush course even more now! :)
Wish I didnt live so far away, I'd have been there with ya :green:
Sounds like you all had a fabulous time though .
Nice One Chocolate :)
Your certificates are on the way girls, hope you like them!!!!!!!

Have a great bank hol weekend! xxxxx
These courses sound great, but i'm away up in Scotland!? Is there any on up my way?
I'm also in Essex from 8th July to 15 July if there is one on then?
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