keeping bleached hair

HI im going to have my hair bleached with a only a few caramel tones in so was wondering as my hair grows back dark, if i keep bleaching it only the roots at the hairdressers will this damage my hair as im worried if i keep doing it it will harm it a lot is there stuff to help my hair thankyou for the advice


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I have my hair highlighted with with Magma and bleach to get it to a blonde (as i have a base of between a 4 and 5 so its quite dark)and all colouring processes will make your hair "feel" different, i keep my own hair well conditioned and make sure I only have the regrowth bleached each visit, all hairdressers will tell you never ever have bleach put on again on already bleached hair, if this makes sense to you. Or youll end up with breakage.
A good reputable salon will advise you. But once you have bleached/coloured hair you must condition and look after your hair and have regular trims to keep it in good shape.
:green:thank you i will be getting it done soon i will make sure i condition it