Keeping gel polish on


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Dec 20, 2010
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How do all you nail techs keep your polish on ? Mine get ruined taking my clients polish off!
I use shellac instead of lacquer
I always wear gloves when removing my client's shellac x
I always work in gloves the whole time
I wear gel polish or Shellac.
What gloves work for all of you I tried many and acetone goes right through them! Girls I am talking about shellac I can't keep it on because of removing their polish
Yeah I always wear shellac too. I just use vinyl gloves powder free. They aren't particularly special I don't think. What type are you using? X
Yes just latex gloves for me, I find if I use the glove more than 2/3 times the acetone can come through so I tend to just grab a new glove each time just for my right hand
Yeah they don't last long! Maybe we should use marigolds!! Haha x
I never wear gloves. Weren't you taught how to remove regular polish without disturbing your own?
Yes but I can't do it lol
Sure you can. Hold the pad with remover between your first and second fingers, quite far down the finger. Do that every time, and it becomes a habit and you'll never affect your own nails.
Oh I thought this was about keeping gel polish on? I use gloves because when i wrap the nails the acetone drips onto mine, eventually my shellac will lift. I don't wear gloves for normal polish
It's the same idea/theory.

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