Koleston, use pastel or 20 volume over blonde hair?


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May 3, 2011
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west yorkshire
I did a root stretch over a client with level 10 bleached hair to take her to a root stretch balayage. I normally use color sync or colour touch over blonde hair but as i would be lowlightong through and balayaging through all at the same time, i decided to you use a permanent as it doesn't knot up and pull whilst foiling through. Should i use pastel or 20 volume and at a 1-1 ratio or 1-2 like a toner
I used pastel.1-1.
Pastel and 1:2
Thanks sugarplum. I do prefer to use quasi but the hair tangles so much after root stretch then when foiling the client says it pulls. What do you use when your laying down a root stretch over blonde hair then breaking up with lowlights?
Also when using quasi on a root stretch it's game over if a bit gets on rest of the blonde hair. But with permanent it comes off.

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