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Jan 23, 2007
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Ive been asked to do L+P on toes by a few clients was gonna wait till i do the gel course , but dont want to loose any custom so im gonna start to do it on a few of my regular clients il only be doin it as an over lay with french or as a glitter tip as i woluldnt want to extend the nail with tips.
So will i just do the normal prep as if it was on the finger nail but only do a thin coating??????????
Yep, basically it's the same, just no apex to build . . . personally I prefer gel on toes though. If you're going to use l&p, make sure the length of the toenails is kept fairly short, you don't want pressure inside shoes, as it is not as flexible as gel

Gel toes this summer have been really popular btw
i will be doin gel in a few week but been asked a few times this week so dont want to loose custom as i know what its like from a customers point of veiw ,.......... when u want somethin you want it NOW!!!!!!!!
you'll be fine with l/p.
just keep it thin - makes for easier infills. remember although the toenails are somewhat thicker and less prone to damage - the surrounding skin is more fragile - and the finishing 'cos of small toes is more intricate.
i only do l/p and the gals have gone mad for it here.
good luck hth

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