L&P plus French Shellac instead of pink & white backfill?


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
I have a client coming tonight who loves her nails but cannot stand all the filing. She likes French so we tend to do one normal infill, then next time I see her I take down the white and reapply and she grimaces like mad the whole time and keeps pulling her hands away from me:irked: This makes it take a lot longer than it need and it makes me :rolleyes:

I have just hit on an idea! Please tell me if you can think of any reason why this won't work.

Simply do a normal infill each time and apply a French shellac coating over the top of that.

I will charge accordingly of course but have calculated that she will be no worse off, plus it will be quicker and she won't have to endure the filing. ( I don't know what the big deal is with the filing but some people seem extra-sensitive). I suppose I would have to file off the Shellac each time but then I could soak it to cut down on the filing - but only long enough to remove the Shellac, not the l&p underneath?)

What do you think?
Great idea! :)
It works fine, I put a layer of clearly pink, cure, cream puff and swipe in a neat smile line cure then top gloss, The removal is quick and easy to file off that she will hardly notice im sure.xx no need to soak it will take longer.xx
My mom can't stand the filing, nor can a client who is paralyzed. They say sends chills up.and down inside their body like grit, or its like nails on a chalkboard. On the even weirder side, I have a client who files to nubs, because she LIKES the way it feels... o_O

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I don't see why this wouldn't work. Sound like sheer genius to me.
Thanks all!

When she arrived she'd already decided she wanted the acrylics off and Shellac on . . . . so we have another convert. Her nails felt good and strong after soaking off and I think they'll be fine - but I shall keep my little idea in case I need it again lol x

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