LA Tan 14% but dark enough what other brand in 14%+ is good


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Jun 25, 2011
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South Coast
A lot if my clients like to be dark I would say the 12-14% is most popular the 14% more so I'm pretty much buying a bottle every 1-2 weeks

Some girls on a 14% want to go darker, I wear a 14% & would consider going up a shade. I do like La tan as it's not orangey. I stock Laurens way & quite a few girls like this can't tell much of a difference between this & the 14% La tan. I didn't like it on me felt to orange

So I'm looking at 16% & up a girl near me who uses La tan & I'm good friends with said she didn't notice much of a difference between the 14 & 18%

What other brand could I try that make give my clients the colour they want to be

I need to ordering some more tan today 12 & 14% almost out again but want to buy a shade darker as well to try
Could you ask la tan for a sample of there darker colours before you buy? Saves you spending a small fortune if you don't then actually like it. x
Maybe try the LA fast tan?
If u ask for a sample they when ordering they will send u one free of charge x
you could try Tandare 14%,Organic's 14% or NKD dark
of course there are also a range of rapid tans available also
HTH :hug:
On my ladies who love to be dark I use Suntana After Dark. Its a really lovely deep colour and everyone I've used uy on have loved it. Its only been available since January but before that I was trying out the higher %s of la tan, nouvatan, omg and tried using boosters in my usual 12% solution but the After dark was by far the favorite. Might be worth trying a sample x
If they want to be really dark they could try Nouvatan 20% its really dark if its left on over night or can be used as a rapid tan. so its like having 2 solutions in one as it canbe used on your lighter skinned clients. you can order trial packs on the Nouvatan website so you dont have to commit to buying a full litre
I like being dark & I use the LA Tan fast tan & leave it on overnight. I love the colour.
I like being dark & I use the LA Tan fast tan & leave it on overnight. I love the colour.

whats the fade off on the 20% fast tan? many thanks.x:green:

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